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Re: cinstall/ and configure.

DJ Delorie wrote:
> > > Is this just to get it to use the local includes, rather than the installed
> > > ones?
> >
> > No.  It won't build without it with the 2.95.2-7 gcc.
> Is this related to the patches Chris just added to gcc to make it find
> the win32 headers by default?n

The patch is reverse of what you state.  w32api will only be found if
-mno-cygwin or -mwin32 are specified.  Are these switches available with
windres?  I didn't try it this way because I thought it best to use the
source headers instead of the installed headers.  However the patch was
initiated by the fact that cinstall couldn't find windows.h.

> > > >       * configure: regenerate.
> > >
> > > Why
> >
> > Possibly, ignorance.  I thought it necessary when changing either
> > or  I still don't have that down pat.
> yes, no.
> Running autoconf creates configure from
> Running configure (at build time) creates Makefile from Makefile.i

Ok, so remove the configure patch.


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