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Re: [patch] Setup.exe selection enhancement based on file existence

> DJ Delorie wrote:
> > This is big enough to require legal papers.  Chris, do we have them
> > from Brian?
> Probably not - you only ever asked for a verbal okay from me about my self employment and that no 
> employer would object.

Oh, right.

> > 80 colums or so?  Use a helper macro if that makes it more readable.
> I will work on it and see about shortening them.  Being that I am a
> newbie though, and I hate to admit this, but I don't know how to use
> a helper macro.  And I hate to break this into a bunch of nested
> ifs.

At least put in a newline here and there ;-)

> and if I selected install from local directory then only files which do exist are displayed.

Um, even if they're already installed?

> > > +     int in_partial_list;/* display this version in partial list */
> > 
> > This shouldn't be here; it's private to the chooser.  It
> > should go in chooser's corresponding struct.
> This is new.  It is still in both places - in chooser it pertains to
> the different versions whereas this one I added pertains to the
> package as a whole.

Then you need to change the comment to reflect that.

I'd also recommend using a different name to prevent confusion.

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