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Patch: More options for regtool

Attached is a simple patch that adds three new options to the regtool
utility (specifically the 'list' subcommand). This adds -p which is like
'ls -p', a \ is appended to KEY names, -k which lists ONLY keys, and -l
which lists only values. This helps the utility and any scripts that may use
it easily seperate keys from values.
I also added a call to LocalFree in the Fail function to free the memory
allocated by FormatMessage, and i updated the utils.sgml file (i presume
documentation is generated from this?).


PS: I apoligize if i missed something. I read the FAQs on contributing, hope
i got it all...

Tue Jan 09 10:26:23 2001  Tony Sideris  <>

 * (global): Add LIST_KEYS, LIST_VALS, and LIST_ALL
 * (global): Add int listwhat, and int postfix.
 * (global): Modify usage_msg to document -p, -k, and -l.
 * (Fail): Add call to LocalFree to free memory
 allocated by FormatMessage (unrelated to new options).
 * (cmd_list): Add code to implement -p, -k, and -l
 options, this involved checking 'listwhat' and 'postfix' and
 acting accordingly.
 * utils.sgml: Updated usage message to reflect the new options.


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