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Re: Pseudo console support in PTY

On Apr  3 09:18, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Am 02.04.2019 um 19:50 schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
> > On Apr  2 19:16, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> > > Am 02.04.2019 um 13:02 schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
> > > > Hi Takashi,
> > > > 
> > > > On Mar 30 22:08, Takashi Yano wrote:
> > > > > Patch 0003: Support pseudo console in PTY. With this patch,
> > > > >     native console applications can work in PTY such as mintty,
> > > > >     ssh, gnu screen or tmux.
> > > I've now tried your patched binaries on two systems. On one they don't run,
> > > on the other I saw no noticeable effect, particularly no impact on the
> > > pty/console interoperability...
> > Try starting cmd from your shell in mintty and do some native stuff.
> I've now self-compiled cygwin dll on a third system and can run a cygwin
> console.
> But the build process did not generate the cygwin-console-helper, maybe
> that's the reason why mintty does not start?
> > You'll notice two differences:
> > 
> > - cmd history works
> In the cygwin console, it does not, echos the cursor-up escape sequence

Oh, right, ...

> instead. See my previous comment that I think ConPTY should only be applied
> if running at a pty. (And for other reasons only when starting a non-cygwin
> app.)

but you got that wrong.  The conpty stuff *is* only applied for ptys.

The above appears to be a fallout of the console changes to support
the Windows console changes to emulate an xterm-256color,;a=commitdiff;h=bd627864ab41

Takashi, can you take a look?

> > - dir /p will actually page
> Does it also translate the character set?
> Test case, when running in a German UI Windows:
> xcopy
> echoes either of
> Unzul�ssige Parameteranzahl
> Unzulässige Parameteranzahl

I'm only running English systems, so I don't know.  Is that in a
console or in mintty?


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer

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