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Re: Cygwin Filesystem Performance degradation 1.7.5 vs 1.7.7, and methods for improving performance


>> I have prepared a patch with the following changes (I know you guys
>> prefer separate patch for each change - I will send multiple patches
>> later today):
> This is really interesting stuff but I will say it again: I do not like
> piling on CYGWIN environment variable options to control this behavior.  If
> we do need to go this route then I'd like to standardize on either a
> naming convention or maybe a separate option like
> set CYGWIN=fsaccess:noacl,file_cache

All the features in this patch (except for the "noacl") do not require any configuration, since there is no 'loss of behavior' or 'loss of correctness'. st_ino, st_nlink behave as before. Symlink and executable script detection behave as before (just faster...).

Yoni is preparing a patch to submit that will not include the noacl feature, and thus will not include any CYGWIN env related stuff.


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