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cygwin (self-compiled) does not run (Re: cygwin patch&test workflow?)

Any further comments or help on this problem?
I tried once again to produce a fresh cygwin 1.7.0-62 src package compile, carefully cleared the environment from all non-cygwin-1.7 stuff (esp PATH), ran configure and make on the unmodified src, copied the dll to the cygwin 1.7 bin directory,
and still get the same crash (see below).
Can anyone reproduce this (with a setup.exe-installed src package, to be consistent)?


I wrote:
I wrote:
Since cygwin 1.7 (self-compiled) doesn't start, I tried cygwin 1.5 strace, invoking cygwin 1.7 bash (with --login -i).
This *did* work, so I don't think there's diagnostic value in it. If you yet want to see the 3.7 MB strace log (0.5 MB compressed),
Actually I'm not sure now it worked; I may have been mistaken by a confusion I had before, not really having involved 1.7 because I had loaded 1.5 previously; in a "working" case, uname reported 1.5, so this was bogus, sorry.
Running freshly from a Windows cmd.exe prompt, I get a significantly smaller trace:

D:\cygwin17\bin>.\strace ./bash
5 5 [main] bash 984 open_shared: name shared.5, n 5, shared 0x60FC0000 (wanted 0x60FC0000), h 0x788
296 301 [main] bash 984 heap_init: heap base 0x6D0000, heap top 0x6D0000
144 445 [main] bash 984 open_shared: name S-1-5-21-3202424084-3423815021-920199376-5503.1, n 1, shared 0x60FD0000 (wanted 0x60FD0000), h 0x784
136 581 [main] bash 984 user_shared_create: opening user shared for 'S-1-5-21-3202424084-3423815021-920199376-5503' at 0x60FD0000
102 683 [main] bash 984 add_handle: protecting handle 'cygwin_user_h'(0x784), inherited flag 1
132 815 [main] bash 984 user_shared_create: user shared version 0
103 918 [main] bash 984 events_init: windows_system_directory 'C:\WINNT51\system32\', windows_system_directory_length 20
112 1030 [main] bash 984 add_handle: protecting handle 'mutex'(0x76C), inherited flag 0
109 1139 [main] bash 984 dll_crt0_0: finished dll_crt0_0 initialization
125 1264 [main] bash 984 _cygtls::remove: wait 0xFFFFFFFF
95 1359 [main] bash 984 _cygtls::remove: removed 0x22CE64 element 0
108 1467 [main] bash 984 _cygtls::remove: wait 0xFFFFFFFF
59 1526 [main] bash 984 _cygtls::remove: removed 0x22CE64 element 0
120 1646 [main] bash 984 _cygtls::remove: wait 0xFFFFFFFF
57 1703 [main] bash 984 _cygtls::remove: removed 0x22CE64 element 0
4051 5754 [main] bash 984 _cygtls::remove: wait 0xFFFFFFFF
194 5948 [main] bash 984 _cygtls::remove: removed 0x22CE64 element 0
296 6244 [sig] bash 984 add_handle: protecting handle 'my_readsig'(0x75C), inherited flag 0
122 6366 [sig] bash 984 wait_sig: entering ReadFile loop, my_readsig 0x75C, my_sendsig 0x744
--- Process 984, exception C0000005 at 6106D075

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