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Re: Avoid collisions between parallel installations of Cygwin

On 10/16/2009 05:13 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

Chuck's reply reminded me that I meant to reply here too.

- Should cygcheck show them (with a remark "orphaned") or should
   cygcheck not show orphaned entries at all?

Show, definitely.

- Should cygcheck remove old entries as it goes along (implies not
   printing them at all), or should it only remove old entries if
   the user uses some "--clean" option?

When you say "old", do you mean orphaned? If so, I like the idea of the "--clean" flag, though maybe it should be "--cleanup-orphans"? If that's not what you meant, then I'm unsure of the definition of "old".

What I also didn't get is the result of the other two points.

- Do we still need a way to switch off using the installation key
   in object names?  If so, using a resource as proposed by Chuck?
   If so, what about putting the functionality to change the resource
   setting into cygcheck?

I think putting this in cygcheck is a good idea too. I agree with Chuck on where to put this and how important it is to have.

- Do we still need a means to switch off the fingerprint creation?
   This one, I'm not so sure about.  If we really have an interest in the
   fingerprint, we can't have an interest to provide an easy way to avoid
   it.  It should at least require to rebuild the DLL, shouldn't it?

I think this has fallen to a lower priority but also that the requirements (or wish list) has also grown. So I think we can get away with delaying this for now.

Did I just basically "ditto" Chuck? ;-)

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