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cygwin patch&test workflow? [Re: cygwin does not compile]

OK, cygwin compiles now (thanks), but just copying the dll into /bin (after possibly moving away the current because it's locked) raises the well-dreaded "collision" problem which is heavily discussed right now :'(
Of course I tried to stop all cygwin 1.7 processes; there are some remaining "services" (I though of cygwin 1.5 still but I'm not sure) - I tried to stop them both with Windows Services and with cygrunsrv (from a console with admin rights), but that didn't work - they're still listed by cygrunsrv --list.
Are they the cause I can't start cygwin with the new dll?

I remember to somehow manage the troubles when I made previous patches some years ago but I can hardly believe I'm supposed to reboot for every try-and-test cycle while developing a cygwin patch.
By the way, I did try configure --enable-debug already.

Any advice or howto before I start another multi-hour configure loop?
What is the recommended workflow for working on cygwin/winsup?


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