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Re: Avoid collisions between parallel installations of Cygwin

Quoting Charles Wilson <>:

Earnie wrote:
Chris, MSYS has been doing this since its first release. There has
been zero confusion with end user community and there are many
packages that have released with their own distribution of MSYS.'re kinda stealing a base, here.

(1) cygwin HASN'T done or allowed that, so most of OUR users are
unfamiliar with the issues that may arise with multiple cygwin
installations. In fact, most of the time if they report such problems we
tell 'em "don't do that."  This is a big change for the cygwin
community: less so technically than sociologically.  It doesn't matter
that MSYS -- a completely different project with a mostly different user
community -- has allowed this from the beginning.  That's them. This is us.

My point here is that MSYS is a derivative of Cygwin. This is a prime consideration that tool users make when supplying a distribution of a product.

(2) There are multiple MSYS derivatives out there, true. But I'd wager
that most users of MSYS-git (or PhoenixMSYS, etc) use exclusively that
version, and do not attempt to install both an MSYS-git tree AND and MSYS tree.  Maybe there are five people in the world who have
done so.  So this still doesn't (directly) support your argument about
simultaneous parallel installs.

GIT started out with Cygwin and changed to MSYS. I wonder why? Interoperability maybe? Don't know. I do know that a commercial product used by my employer uses Cygwin and has a Cygwin in its path. I also know that Cygwin is an employer approved FOSS product that many of our developers use along with this other product. The issue becomes trying to use the commercial product from within the standard Cygwin product and it is this issue the paying client is trying to overcome.

I would wager that many people using these tools had MSYS installed already to being with. MSYS-GIT is certainly bantered on the MinGW lists.

But that's ok. We all know this can be made to work -- partly because of
the current cygwin DEBUGGING support, partly by the example of MSYS, and
partly because Corinna has already tested it.

Not to mention the basis of the change I made for MSYS and Corinna made for Cygwin.


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