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Re: Avoid collisions between parallel installations of Cygwin

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 10:08:50AM +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>On Oct 12 17:32, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>But, anway, the meta issue that really troubles me is that, AFAIK,
>>Corinna has always agreed with the
>>one-Cygwin-per-system-unless-you-know-what-you're-doing rule.  It was
>>complete news to me that she thought this was a good idea when I first
>>heard about it.  If I had known she thought it was a good idea I would
>>have certainly thought twice about the policy.
>I'm sorry you took this for granted.
>In my reply(**) to Earnie's mail(*) back in May I already wrote that
>implementing this at one point would be an option.  Actually, at that
>point it occured to me how the Cygwin-subdir in BaseNamedObjects could
>be a neat way to encapsulate different Cygwin installations.  I didn't
>discuss this since at that point in time we had certainly other
>problems which were higher on the annoyance scale.  A pity I didn't.

If you seriously thought this was a problem (which was not abundantly
clear from your reference) then yes, you haven't communicated this fact
very well.  It might have made this a little more palatable to have
known that changing the policy had always been on you.  When you
communicated with me about this personally you actually sort of implied
that it was a distasteful chore.

I guess that was because you didn't relish the thought of this type
of discussion.



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