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Re: Avoid collisions between parallel installations of Cygwin

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Ok, that wouldn't work for a FAT/FAT32 dll.  

  What kind of "knowledgable" user would be using a FAT-formatted drive? ;-)

> So we could allow a little
> text file right next to cygwin1.dll with a syntax like:
> .cygwinrc
> allow-multiple: yes
> ntsec: yes
> tty: yes
> crlf: yes
> and that could be used *by knowledgeable users* to control their cygwin
> behavior.  Or, we could even create a tool to place that information
> into a "capabilities" section in the DLL itself.

  Sounds like a job for the resource section to me - is there room in the
versioninfo to put a capabilities string?  That might be kinda neat.  (Might
be a potential solution for the guy with the setup.exe problem as well: add an
empty resource string to the build, which gets used instead of the
command-line options if it's found in the versioninfo and isn't empty at
runtime; that way people could hack it how they wanted it to be using any
simple resource editor).


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