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Re: Avoid collisions between parallel installations of Cygwin

Quoting Corinna Vinschen <>:

Last, but not least, there's always a chance that somebody tries to exec a Cygwin process from the /bin directory of another Cygwin installation. This will result in loading "the other" Cygwin DLL for the child process. Tricky, given that this requires process interaction, while the whole idea of the change is to avoid interaction. So this case is still not supported and the result is not determined. It might work, but you can also easily see the friendly "multiple Cygwin" error message instead. The rule is, keep separate Cygwin installations separate.

This is what MSYS does as well. Executing from a different /bin directory will usually cause a process hang. But, I think about only one user has ever tried that and that user would be me. BTW, I took the idea from Cygwin itself which allowed for multiple Cygwin with one being in DEBUGGING mode. I just expanded that idea.

Per the contract, the patch has been fully tested in a test environment,
including test protocol, so I'm pretty confident that it works as

This is really cool. I am glad to hear that Cygwin is doing this.


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