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Re: cygwin-1.7, pseudo-reloc v2

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 10:49:09AM -0500, Charles Wilson wrote:
>On Fri, 23 Jan 2009 00:23:36 -0500, "Christopher Faylor" said:
>>On Fri, 23 Jan 2009 00:03:35 -0500, "Charles Wilson" wrote:
>>> Are there any plans to incorporate Kai Tietz' new pseudo-reloc v2
>>> runtime support into cygwin-1.7?
>> Since this is the cygwin-developers list and not the cygwin list why
>> don't you humor us all a little by explaining how and where you think it
>> should be added?
>Okay. FWICT, how is fairly easy: we replace
>src/winsup/cygwin/lib/pseudo-reloc.c (and possibly
>src/winsup/mingw/pseudo-reloc.c, with associated mods to
>src/winsup/mingw/pseudo-reloc-list.c) with the version at the
>sourceforge link above (which was contributed to the public domain by

I think we have to leave it to the MinGW team to replace the two files
in the mingw directory.

If I am reading the DISCLAIMER file in the mingw-w64 directory correctly
it seems like this is public-domain code so we should be able to use it.

This file is linked into the executable and doesn't seem to reside in
cygwin1.dll so it shouldn't have any effect on existing binaries.

Can anyone confirm that it works as advertised?  It will require linking
an app which relies on this with the above object.  I don't think there
is any reason to rebuild cygwin.  You just need that pseudo-reloc.o.

If it works, and I have no reason to think that it won't, would you mind
checking this in, Chuck?

>BTW, one part of Kai's change (now in binutils) changes this (for PE
>-  link_info.pei386_runtime_pseudo_reloc = -1;
>+  link_info.pei386_runtime_pseudo_reloc = 1; /* Use by default version
>1.  */
>That is, we will always act as tho --enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc were
>specified on the command line. This means the existing behavior ("-1" --
>where we DO pseudo-relocs, but warn about it unless the user explicitly
>specified --enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc) is changed to "just DO it and
>be quiet" unless the user specifically disables it.
>I guess it's about time we made that change, but there was no discussion
>of this particular bit.

I always reset this to -1 when I release binutils.  Maybe it's time to
stop doing that and just let the default through.


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