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Re: 1st release of an LSA authentication package

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> That doesn't happen that often, does it?  We have usually months between
> releases, so I don't quite see the problem.

I inferred that Igor was worried that a reboot would be required during
e.g. ordinary development cycle of developing a new patch against the
DLL or when trying a snapshot, etc.  I think the workaround there would
be just not to use LSA auth.

> No.  The whole idea of registering and rebooting is to load the DLL
> at boot time and not to allow to replace it at runtime easily.  The

Well, I could see making the actual LSA DLL just a small (unchaging)
stub that LoadLibrary()s and FreeLibrary()s the actual cyglsa DLL as
needed (or on command), so that it could be replaced and synched with
the main cygwin1.dll without a reboot.  But that just increases the file
count, complexity, and developer workload for no other reason.  (And I'm
sure there's a security argument too.)


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