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Newer regex now in cygwin1.dll

I have just checked in a change to cygwin which folded parts of
Corinna's regex library into the DLL.

This version of regex is a more modern version of what was already in
cygwin1.dll but it should be *much* more compatible with most programs.

Older programs will continue to use the old regexp interface.  Newer
programs will use the new stuff.

To accomplish this, I removed all occurrences of the old regexp stuff
from the import library and replaced them with newly generated objects.
The new objects have a stub which looks like this:

	jmp *__imp__posix_regcomp

This causes any new programs to use the new posix regcomp interface.

I wrote a couple of relatively general purpose shell scripts to
manipulate libcygwin.a.  This should enable us to change user interfaces
in the future without impacting old apps.

I've asked Corinna to try this with OpenSSH to see if it works ok.

If anyone has an application that currently uses Corinna's regex
package, it would be interesting to see if it builds and works after
removing the regex package from your system.


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