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src/winsup/w32api ChangeLog include/ddk/atm.h ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2002-11-14 17:08:17

Modified files:
	winsup/w32api  : ChangeLog 
	winsup/w32api/include/ddk: atm.h batclass.h cfg.h cfgmgr32.h 
	                           d4drvif.h d4iface.h ddkmapi.h 
	                           hidclass.h hidpi.h hidusage.h mcd.h 
	                           miniport.h minitape.h mountdev.h 
	                           mountmgr.h ndis.h ndisguid.h 
	                           ndistapi.h ndiswan.h netevent.h 
	                           netpnp.h newdev.h ntapi.h ntdd8042.h 
	                           ntddbeep.h ntddcdrm.h ntddcdvd.h 
	                           ntddchgr.h ntdddisk.h ntddk.h 
	                           ntddkbd.h ntddmou.h ntddndis.h 
	                           ntddpar.h ntddpcm.h ntddscsi.h 
	                           ntddser.h ntddstor.h ntddtape.h 
	                           ntddtdi.h ntddvdeo.h ntddvol.h 
	                           ntifs.h ntpoapi.h ntstatus.h 
	                           parallel.h pfhook.h poclass.h scsi.h 
	                           scsiscan.h scsiwmi.h smbus.h srb.h 
	                           storport.h tdi.h tdiinfo.h tdikrnl.h 
	                           tdistat.h tvout.h upssvc.h usb.h 
	                           usb100.h usbcamdi.h usbdi.h 
	                           usbioctl.h usbiodef.h usbscan.h 
	                           usbuser.h video.h videoagp.h win2k.h 
	                           winddi.h winddk.h winnt4.h winxp.h 
	                           ws2san.h xfilter.h 

Log message:
	* include/ddk/(atm.h, batclass.h, cfg.h, cfgmgr32.h, d4drvif.h,
	d4iface.h, ddkmapi.h, hidclass.h, hidpi.h, hidusage.h, mcd.h,
	miniport.h, minitape.h, mountdev.h, mountmgr.h, ndis.h,
	ndisquid.h, ndistapi.h, ndisvan.h, netevent.h, netpnp.h,
	netdev.h, ntapi.h, ntdd8042.h, ntddbeep.h, ntddcdrm.h,
	ntddcdvd.h, ntddchgr.h, ntdddisk.h, ntddk.h, ntddkbd.h,
	ntddmou.h, ntddndis.h, ntddpar.h, ntddpcm.h, ntddscsi.h,
	ntddser.h, ntddstor.h, ntddtape.h, ntddtdi.h, ntddvdeo.h,
	ntddvol.h, ntifs.h, ntpoapi.h, ntstatus.h, parallel.h, pfhook.h,
	poclass.h, scsi.h, scsiscan.h, scsiwmi.h, smbus.h, srb.h,
	storport.h, tdi.h, tdiinfo.h, tdikrnl.h, tdistat.h, tvout.h,
	upssvc.h, usb.h, usb100.h, usbcamdi.h, usbdi.h, usbioctl.h,
	usbiodef.h, usbscan.h, usbuser.h, video.h, videoagp.h, win2k.h,
	winddi.h, winddk.h, winnt4.h, winxp.h, ws2san.h,
	xfilter.h): Change comment to refer w32api package, not MinGW.


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