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src/winsup/w32api ChangeLog include/accctrl.h ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2002-03-09 01:04:11

Modified files:
	winsup/w32api  : ChangeLog 
	winsup/w32api/include: accctrl.h aclapi.h basetsd.h basetyps.h 
	                       cderr.h cguid.h commctrl.h commdlg.h 
	                       cpl.h cplext.h custcntl.h dbt.h dde.h 
	                       ddeml.h dlgs.h excpt.h httpext.h 
	                       imagehlp.h imm.h initguid.h intshcut.h 
	                       ipexport.h iphlpapi.h ipifcons.h 
	                       iprtrmib.h iptypes.h isguids.h largeint.h 
	                       lm.h lmaccess.h lmalert.h lmapibuf.h 
	                       lmat.h lmaudit.h lmbrowsr.h lmchdev.h 
	                       lmconfig.h lmcons.h lmerr.h lmerrlog.h 
	                       lmmsg.h lmremutl.h lmrepl.h lmserver.h 
	                       lmshare.h lmsname.h lmstats.h lmsvc.h 
	                       lmuse.h lmuseflg.h lmwksta.h lzexpand.h 
	                       mapi.h mciavi.h mcx.h mmsystem.h 
	                       mswsock.h nb30.h nddeapi.h nspapi.h 
	                       ntdef.h ntsecapi.h ntsecpkg.h oaidl.h 
	                       objbase.h objfwd.h objidl.h odbcinst.h 
	                       ole.h ole2.h ole2ver.h oleauto.h olectl.h 
	                       olectlid.h oledlg.h oleidl.h pbt.h 
	                       prsht.h psapi.h rapi.h ras.h raserror.h 
	                       rassapi.h regstr.h richedit.h richole.h 
	                       rpc.h rpcdce.h rpcdce2.h rpcdcep.h 
	                       rpcndr.h rpcnsi.h rpcnsip.h rpcnterr.h 
	                       rpcproxy.h schannel.h schnlsp.h 
	                       scrnsave.h security.h setupapi.h 
	                       shellapi.h shlguid.h shlobj.h sql.h 
	                       sqlext.h sqltypes.h sqlucode.h sspi.h 
	                       subauth.h tlhelp32.h unknwn.h userenv.h 
	                       w32api.h winbase.h wincon.h wincrypt.h 
	                       windef.h windows.h windowsx.h winerror.h 
	                       wingdi.h wininet.h winioctl.h winnetwk.h 
	                       winnls.h winnt.h winperf.h winreg.h 
	                       winresrc.h winsock.h winsock2.h 
	                       winspool.h winsvc.h winuser.h winver.h 
	                       ws2tcpip.h wsnetbs.h wtypes.h zmouse.h 

Log message:
	* include/accctrl.h, aclapi.h, basetsd.h, basetyps.h, cderr.h,
	cguid.h, commctrl.h, commdlg.h, cpl.h, cplext.h, custcntl.h,
	dbt.h, dde.h, ddeml.h, dlgs.h, excpt.h, httpext.h, imagehlp.h,
	imm.h, initguid.h, intshcut.h, ipexport.h, iphlpapi.h,
	ipifcons.h, iprtrmib.h, iptypes.h, isguids.h, largeint.h, lm.h,
	lmaccess.h, lmalert.h, lmapibuf.h, lmat.h, lmaudit.h,
	lmbrowsr.h, lmchdev.h, lmconfig.h, lmcons.h, lmerr.h,
	lmerrlog.h, lmmsg.h, lmremutl.h, lmrepl.h, lmserver.h,
	lmshare.h, lmsname.h, lmstats.h, lmsvc.h, lmuse.h, lmuseflg.h,
	lmwksta.h, lzexpand.h, mapi.h, mciavi.h, mcx.h, mmsystem.h,
	mswsock.h, nb30.h, nddeapi.h, nspapi.h, ntdef.h, ntsecapi.h,
	ntsecpkg.h, oaidl.h, objbase.h, objfwd.h, objidl.h, odbcinst.h,
	ole.h, ole2.h, ole2ver.h, oleauto.h, olectl.h, olectlid.h,
	oledlg.h, oleidl.h, pbt.h, prsht.h, psapi.h, rapi.h, ras.h,
	raserror.h, rassapi.h, regstr.h, richedit.h, richole.h, rpc.h,
	rpcdce.h, rpcdce2.h, rpcdcep.h, rpcndr.h, rpcnsi.h, rpcnsip.h,
	rpcnterr.h, rpcproxy.h, schannel.h, schnlsp.h, scrnsave.h,
	security.h, setupapi.h, shellapi.h, shlguid.h, shlobj.h, sql.h,
	sqlext.h, sqltypes.h, sqlucode.h, sspi.h, subauth.h,
	tlhelp32.h, unknwn.h, userenv.h, w32api.h, winbase.h, wincon.h,
	wincrypt.h, windef.h, windows.h, windowsx.h, winerror.h,
	wingdi.h, wininet.h, winioctl.h, winnetwk.h, winnls.h, winnt.h,
	winperf.h, winreg.h, winresrc.h, winsock.h, winsock2.h,
	winspool.h, winsvc.h, winuser.h, winver.h, ws2tcpip.h,
	wsnetbs.h, wtypes.h, zmouse.h:	Add #pragma GCC system_header
	if __GNUC__ >= 3.
	* include/mapi.h: Change header guard name to _MAPI_H  for


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