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Re: [ITP] mtr

On 21/07/2019 00:15, Brian Inglis wrote:
I would like to offer to package mtr:

combines the function of 'traceroute' and 'ping' in one network
diagnostic tool.

Investigates the network connection between the host it runs on and a
user-specified destination host. After it determines the address of each
network hop between the machines, it sends a sequence of ICMP ECHO
requests to each one to determine the quality of the link to each
machine. As it does this, it prints running statistics about each

It is available under all RedHat, Debian, BSD, Arch, Slack, SuSE, and
other Linux flavours:

Control files, sources, and binaries are available under the mtr folder:

See the project home page for more information:

A couple of minor nits:

mtr is be built with a gtk+ interface for displaying results, if present, but you've omitted the from DEPENDS.

Not sure what you intend, so either (i) explicitly configure --without-gtk, or (ii) add the needed gtk devel package(s) to DEPENDS.

After I build this, 'mtr -v' reports 'mtr UNKNOWN'

Otherwise, looks good.

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