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how to use opam for package builds?

orpie recently changed to an opam-based build system. So I want to use opam
to update it for Cygwin, but I've never used opam before and I have some
questions about how to use it.

The orpie build instructions say just to run "opam install orpie". When I
do that, opam complains that I haven't set it up yet:

    $ opam install orpie
    [ERROR] No OPAM root found at /home/andrew/.opam.
            Please run 'opam init' to initialize the state of OPAM, or
specify '--root'.
            See 'opam init --help' for details.

Now for packaging, what's the right thing to do here? For example I could
create the following install function for Cygport:

    opam init
    opam install orpie

But this has two problems:

(1) I can't get "opam init" to complete. It hangs after "synchronized from";, until I interrupt it:

    $ opam init
    Checking for available remotes: rsync and local, git, mercurial.
      - you won't be able to use darcs repositories unless you install the
darcs command on your system.
    [WARNING] Recommended external solver aspcud not found.

    =-=- Fetching repository information
    [default] synchronized from
    ### hangs here until I hit ctrl-C: ###
    [ERROR] Initialisation failed
    User interruption
    # opam-version    1.2.2
    # os              cygwin
    Cannot remove /home/andrew/.opam (error 255).

(2) Even if I get this to work, I don't think it's the right thing to do
because it's setting up persistent opam configuration in my home directory,
which I don't think is the right place for packaging. Should there be some
global opam configuration, that all packaging scripts that rely on opam
would use? If so, where should that go?


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