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Re: Zstandard support for setup


Here's a bit of support scaffolding for anybody who wants to play with
this (if the looks of the scripts scare you, stay away from it :-),
obviously you'll also need to compile yourself a setup.exe with the
patches to use with.  It assumes the Cygwin local repo files / cache in
a directory named install and will produce a re-compressed copy in
install-zstd.  I have these in /mnt/upload in my examples (they're also
not exact copies of the Cygwin mirror repos since I maintain these with
another script in order to mix in local packages as needed, so I hope it
just works on a direct copy as well, but have not tested that).  The new
hierarchy should be initially empty and the scripts assume that there's
nothing else in there that you want to keep.  Again, anything already in
install-zstd can get deleted when running the scripts, so don't keep
your bitcoins there.  Then these invocations will re-compress all
archives from the original and rewrite the setup.ini files so you can
later point setup to install from install-zstd:

/mnt/upload/ | parallel /mnt/upload/
ls install/x86*/setup*xz | parallel /mnt/upload/

That is GNU parallel above, which uses all available CPU without any
parameters, you can do the same with moreutils parallel or xargs with
the appropriate invocation.  There's output to STDERR going around the
pipe that keeps you informed about what's going on.

After each update of the Cygwin repo you'll have to re-run the scripts,
which will then only act upon new or updated files (and remove those
files and directories that were deleted, if any).  It will always
re-calculate all the SHA512 checksums at the moment, though (I might
implement some sort of cache for that later, but it doesn't bother me
too much).

Description: Perl program

Description: Perl program

Description: Perl program

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