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Re: collecting information for versioned dependencies (was Re: setup -g ???)

Jon Turney writes:
>> The attached cygport patch attempts to address this by requiring,
>> for each dependency of a package, a version >= the version installed
>> at the time the package was built.  It treats only dependencies
>> found by 
> Thanks.  This is an interesting approach to automatically collecting
> this information I hadn't considered.

Recording that information is a good thing.  Making these a (hard)
dependency is probably not very helpful.

> Problems are that (i) it makes package builds less reproducible (as
> these dependencies will depend on the currently installed version of
> them, which might well change over time), and (ii) it will tend of
> over-estimate the version required.

Yes.  I'd rather not go there.

> I don't know how these problems are solved in other distros, but
> that's probably worth looking at...

I can only (barely) tell how openSUSE Tumbleweed does it.  The first
part is that the dependencies are using capabilities, not versions
(i.e. required API level) and those requirements are part of the spec
files.  The second part is that the package dependencies are organized
in "rings" so that outer rings can only start building when the inner
ones are finished.  The third part is that the build is fully automated
via OBS, so if anything changes that somebody else depends on, those
builds are automatically triggered.  There is some extensive scripted
and sometimes manual intervention to prevent certain known false
positives from re-building the whole distro.

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