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Re: [PATCH setup] Finish providing support for provides: and conflicts:

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On 6/18/2018 1:32 PM, Jon Turney wrote:
On 06/06/2018 21:44, Jon Turney wrote:
On 04/04/2018 14:21, Ken Brown wrote:
On 3/21/2018 3:38 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
Introduce member functions SolvableVersion::provides() and
SolvableVersion::conflicts().  This enables packagedb::read() to
access provides and conflicts lists from setup.ini.

Ignore this patch.  It breaks libsolv's dependency processing.

Thanks, even if it's not right, I'd completely overlooked the need for something like this.

Do you have any details on what broke with this?  I've been trying it and I don't notice any problems.

No, I'm sorry. I don't remember, and I didn't keep any notes about it. But I'm pretty sure I had applied the following patchset while testing:

You weren't sure about the second and third patches in that set. It's possible that the breakage only occurs in conjunction with those patches.


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