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Re: [PATCH setup] Don't write garbage into the "extrakeys" user setting

On 11/28/2017 7:58 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
On 11/27/2017 9:14 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
On 11/27/2017 5:19 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
On 11/27/2017 4:35 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
The ExtraKeysSetting destructor called UserSettings::set() on a string
that was terminated by LF instead of NUL.  This led to garbage at the
end of the "extrakeys" setting that was written into setup.rc.  Fix
this by replacing the final LF by NUL before calling set().

Disregard this for now.  I've just discovered some further issues involving "extrakeys", and I'd like to fix them all at once.

Here's an amusing fact: "extrakeys" has apparently been useless for many years, so that the '-u' option to setup cannot have worked.  The reason is that '#' is a comment character in setup.rc, and the saved keys contain several of these.  (Originally the saved keys were kept in a file /etc/setup/last-extrakeys, which did not contain comments, but this was changed in 2009 to use /etc/setup/setup.rc.)

Here's an example from my own setup.rc after running 'setup -K ...':

     (public-key (dsa (p #00DE8D7944FA1731C7D66C17E3928E1CD6D06092B4DD549B96773B24F4F8C0609912EB2158379F7F37DF4BF3F42BF4131DAD1AC27B998398B635147B605F5D5276F0BBF66ECA4583A474A578C82A08EDE6802A74B39EAC62BC7EA7DE5BE721E23A51EDFC68B32A5F8462C071AFDCEA11576F39AC5646F87CEB37A67FE7A2421787#) (q #00C2D926EC5053000FF6BAFFA16D39161F8DE16BDF#) (g #0095E00E78F13C69274EE7724F2ECA34556ABA6B04EA05C06546F8CD7553807F22EF125AFE01541F82C2AF661C7F7036EDB3A0CC1F8BBB8E5E4F9CF01C179702415B9D2875EDD5AECACF85A87850E71DB1F3BA88EAE1C053ECC35507295C953E8DCBE701CE9BB3DB6E2AE35193A1503695338C448AB532571999BB4BFFFCBC9F2E#) (y #6F06E2269F93DC76794E63B6C9B56FAF0E57193FA890197BFB6C93BC9FE91C226EBACA0538CE229617E43A15972078574D907479375D4D3CCEA62C0A7A4E1F8D4D02401232DDF86471CD2D18F47E0C0AF9F32A36D0A609972DA79A762AFDBBD9B66F3AC26F490CB526CF9005B7FE4FDF560268EF4ED3E3ED7D9030BB6157D4B8#) ) )

[The part below "extrakeys" is all one line.]

Everything after the first '#' is discarded, and "extrakeys" is effectively set to "(public-key (dsa (p ".

Out of sheer laziness, I'd like to fix this by no longer treating '#' as a comment character.  The only use of it I've seen is in to write a comment about dropped mirrors being saved, although there might be other uses that I've missed.

If this is not acceptable, then I guess we have to use something like '\#' to escape '#', or else choose a different comment character.

Another possibility, which I think would require only minimal changes, is to treat '#' as a comment character only if it's the first non-whitespace character on a line.

I've implemented this and will send a patch series shortly.


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