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Re: [PATCH setup], site.h: code cleanup

On 11/22/2017 12:02 PM, Jon Turney wrote:
On 20/11/2017 01:26, Ken Brown wrote:
Remove site_list_type::init(), which was introduced to work around a
problem with gcc-2.95.

Please tell me we're not actually using a placement new for these things :S

Add a bool member 'is_official' to the site_list_type class.  Use it
to distinguish official mirrors (listed in mirrors.lst) from
user-added sites.  This replaces the (undocumented) use of
site_list_type::servername.size() for this purpose.

When registerSavedSite is called on a URL that's already in
'all_site_list', add the version from 'all_site_list' to 'site_list'
rather than adding a temporary version that contains no information
other than the URL.

Similarly, if the user adds a site that was already in
'all_site_list', don't replace the existent version with the new one
(which contains only the URL).

This is a nice bit of cleanup.

My only concern is with the terminology "is_offical".

In general, this code suffers from confusion between (i) package repository [a set of packages], and (ii) mirrors [a set of sites offering the same package repository]

(See also the musings in [1]. I have a vague recollection that I actually started writing some code to do some of that, but that would be in an old CVS checkout somewhere)

I agree with what you wrote there. A lot of things would be clearer if we distinguished between mirrors of the Cygwin repo and general package sources. Trying to use the two simultaneously is what's giving Brian a headache in the "make setup mirror list..." thread.

We have the concept of a label for the package set ('release:' in setup.ini [2])

To me "is_official" gives the idea that this flag means "the package set at this URL is the package set with the label 'cygwin'", but actually it just means "this URL was read from mirrors.lst", so maybe it could be named something like that?

Yeah, maybe "from_mirrors_lst"?


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