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Re: [ITP] moreutils 0.61

On 16/11/2017 15:08, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
On Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 08:52 pm +0000, Tony Kelman wrote:
-   parallel: run multiple jobs at once

I'm guessing setup-*.exe doesn't have the ability to detect and handle
this sort of conflict, but I can see a bunch of alternative options:

-   Do nothing for now and deal with the problem as and when someone
     ITPs GNU parallel.

-   Add detection for this sort of conflict somehow, and refuse to allow
     users to install conflicting packages.

I'm pretty sure already have some undiagnosed conflicts like this already, so a potential future one isn't any great impairment.

Marking packages as mutually conflicting is perhaps within reach, as it's something that would be relatively straightforward with libsolv-based setup.

Automatically detecting such packages is more work, but something that could also be done.

-   Document the conflict in release announcements but otherwise do
     nothing, and allow the packages to overwrite each other if both are

-   Rename moreutils parallel (e.g. `mparallel`) so it doesn't conflict.

-   As and when GNU parallel is packaged, rename it (e.g. `gparallel`)
     so it doesn't conflict.

-   Just refuse to package one or the other for Cygwin.

I'm leaning towards either doing nothing and leaving it as a problem for
the future

Yeah, laziness and inertia solve all problems, because if you wait long enough, the problems go away :)

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