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Re: O: pylint, python-logilab-*, python-paramiko, spambayes (python package collisions)

On 2017-11-19 10:53, Jari Aalto wrote:
> On 2017-11-15 18:54, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> | Your python-based packages listed below all collide with each other and
> | python2-setuptools by shipping parts of the latter.  They also bundle
> | other python libraries instead of shipping them separately.
> Orphaned now. Anyone interested, feel free to take over.

If these aren't adopted and rebuilt properly soon, they will be removed
from the distribution.

> Thanks for keeping track of things,

While we're at it, your two remaining Python module packages
(python-crypto and python-feedparser) are both due for updates and split
wheel builds for Python 2 and 3; the former also needs some patches from
Fedora for a CVE and Python 3 compatibility.

Also, as noted a month ago, pristine-tar needs to be rebuilt for Perl
5.26, and sendxmpp should be rebuilt to get rid of the unwanted
.packlist file.  Please note that maintainers are expected to be
subscribed to the lists so as not to miss these issues when they arise.


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