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Re: [ITP] moreutils 0.61

>> >> -   parallel: run multiple jobs at once
>> I'd be hesitatnt to package that since it directly clashes with GNU
>> parallel (not available on Cygwin yet).
> Hmm.  I wasn't aware of GNU parallel, and I'm not sure how that sort of
> problem is generally handled.  Possibly that could be broken out into a
> separate package to make it easier for folk to install one or the other?
> I considered and decided against breaking the entire lot into separate
> packages, but this is perhaps a good argument for at least separating
> that.

This has been a long source of tension between moreutils' author and the
debian packager (probably fedora and other distros too). I don't know off
the top of my head what solution those distros have come up with for the
name conflict but they may be doing something worth investigating and

I have made frequent use of mispipe and ts, and would probably use other
pieces of moreutils if I remembered them better, so I'd use and appreciate
a cygwin package of them - assuming a solution is found to the potential
name conflict.

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