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Re: Retiring setup.hint

On 25/10/2017 21:23, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Oct 25 20:42, Jon Turney wrote:

I propose that calm will stop accepting uploads containing setup.hint some
time shortly after 2017-11-18.

This is approximately one year after the cygport release [1] which, stopped
generating these files, so if you're using cygport >= 0.23.0, no action is

Warnings that you need to upgrade cygport have been generated for more than
6 months [2].

After setup.hint uploads are disabled, any remaining setup.hint in the
cygwin release on will be migrated to pvr.hint(s), as per


I'm still generating setup.hint files for the Cygwin package itself.

Please have a look into cygwin's cygport file.  Do we have an *easy*
replacement for creating test releases from cygport in the meantime?

Ideally I can simply call cygport with a --test parameter or some such
to create a test release.

See which contains my patch to do this, and an offer to implement this in whatever way is acceptable to Yaakov.

As long as we don't have that, I'm inclined to veto the idea to drop

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