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Re: [BUG] mksetupini

On 25/10/2017 18:37, Achim Gratz wrote:
Consider the following situation: an old package with setup.hint that
has dependency to "abc" and a new package version using versioned hint
files without said dependency.  Not the old package files get deleted,
but setup.hint stays in the directory.  Running mksetupini correctly
determines that the setup.hint file needs to be removed, but still
generates a setup.ini that makes the package depend on "abc".

The expected behaviour of course would be that it doesn't use the
information in that file (which no longer exists at the end of the run
Yeah, this edge case isn't handled correctly: There's a note in the source code [1] that basically says "XXX: do complex stuff here".

I believe If you run mksetupini again, you'll get the correct result, as the unneeded setup.hint has been removed.

Since I want to retire setup.hin support fairly soon, I'm not really planning on fixing this...


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