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Re: [PATCH setup 00/14] Use libsolv, solve all our problems... (WIP)

On 17/10/2017 13:44, Ken Brown wrote:
On 10/10/2017 7:18 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
On 9/29/2017 4:33 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
I'll resume my testing after I return.

I've just started testing (based on the current HEAD of topic/libsolv), and so far everything looks good.

I came across a situation where a SolvableVersion method was being called on a trivial object (with pool and id both 0).  This caused a crash when pool_id2solvable(pool, id) was called and pool was dereferenced.  There's probably a bug that led to this situation.  [It involved a local install in which a package was listed in two different setup.ini files, but the tarballs existed only in one.]  I plan to investigate this further.  But in any case, we shouldn't crash.  Patch attached.

I thought about putting this in, but decided against it as it would probably catch some mistakes I had made...

But yeah, for production use, I think not crashing is probably a good idea :). Although I guess we might want asserts or something, if we think these cases shouldn't be happening.

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