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Re: [PATCH cygport] Add a command to make a test release

Andrew Schulman writes:
> Ooh, how about this:
>   cygport lftp.cygport all
>   cygport lftp.cygport override curr=4.7.7-1 test=4.7.8-1
>   cygport lftp.cygport up
> That would create override.hint and upload it with the package, leaving the
> cygport file and source package alone.

The command line parsing in cygport would become a lot more complicated
for starters, so the syntax should be different.

But more to the point, some people want to do this on the command line,
while others do not.  I for one don't want to do it from the command
line because I have oodles of packages that I build semi-automatically
and changing the commands issued for each individual package just
doesn't work well for me.  So I do want this to be part of the file set
I commit to my Git repository instead (yes, if forced I could wrap
another layer of scripting or cygport patches around it).  In other
words, in the end we likely need to have both.

A separate issue is if those things should end up in the package
archives.  I agree that often they should not, so again my suggestion is
to record this simply in a separate file that does not get packaged and
(as outlined above) to provide means to create the same effects from the
command line.

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