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Re: [PATCH cygport] Add a command to make a test release

Jon Turney writes:
> I'm not keen on the idea of including this transient information into
> the cygport, and thus baking it into the source package.

Fair enough.  If that's the only thing that bothers you, this
information could easily live in some extra file that doesn't get
packaged.  Deal?

> However, I also want to make package maintainers lives easier.  So,
> I'm all for automation to make things less tedious and error-prone,
> which this patch attempts to do.

I plan to modify the patch for test versions so that it automatically
produces one if the release starts with "0".  Thoughts?

> * I'm going to remove the restriction that you can only have 3
> versions. (I keep on putting this off only because it will break
> parsing setup.ini for setup prior to 2.877)

HOw about for after we roll in libsolv and move to setup-3.x?

> * (This also means that more than one test: version may be available)

That seems awkward to handle.

> * Changing curr: doesn't cause setup to downgrade (since 2.864)
> (unless --force-current is used, since 2.874)

We need to eventually solve that problem in a different way, I think.

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