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Re: [PATCH cygport] Add a command to make a test release

On 03/10/2017 21:01, Andrew Schulman wrote:
This patch (originally by Achim Gratz) adds a mechanism for generating
packages marked as 'test' as described in [1].

I'm not committed to any of the details, but I would like to get
something with this functionality in, so tell me how you'd like it
implemented and I'll do it...


Cygport needs a way to specify which versions are prev, curr, and test in
cygport files. David Rothenberger and I each proposed a method [1,2]. It
doesn't matter much to me which method is picked, but it's definitely a
missing feature.

I'm not keen on the idea of including this transient information into the cygport, and thus baking it into the source package.

However, I also want to make package maintainers lives easier. So, I'm all for automation to make things less tedious and error-prone, which this patch attempts to do.

A few points to consider:

* I'm going to remove the restriction that you can only have 3 versions. (I keep on putting this off only because it will break parsing setup.ini for setup prior to 2.877)

* (This also means that more than one test: version may be available)

* Changing curr: doesn't cause setup to downgrade (since 2.864) (unless --force-current is used, since 2.874)

* prev: isn't a very significant label, since the only way to install that version is by manually selecting it, i.e. all it means is "keep this version around"

Taking a step back, as a package maintainer, what do you need to control? What features do we need here?

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