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Re: Neko package

On 30/04/2017 15:30, Andy Li wrote:

Following up my quest of packaging Haxe. After creating a Cygwin
package for mbed TLS, here is another one: Neko, which is a VM kind of
comparable to Lua. Neko is maintained by the Haxe Foundation. More
info of Neko can be found at

The cygport file I created can be found at:

Please review and let me know if it is up to standard or not.

Best regards,

Hi Andy,

there is a double
>>> neko requires: cygwin libneko2 libneko2 neko-std-ndlls

As libneko2 dependency is already catch by cyport you don't need to
explicitly declare it.

We usually prefer to have at least a minimal manual, like debian


specially as the programs are not following standard expectation

$ ./neko --help
Uncaught exception - load.c(181) : Module not found : --help

From this point of view, it seems a lack of Neko in general.

Except that, it is GTG for me

Any reason to not build debuginfo and skipping strip ?


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