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Re: [ITP] man-italic

Hi Jon,

Am 19.04.2017 um 20:38 schrieb Jon Turney:
On 28/09/2016 20:46, Thomas Wolff wrote:
The man-italic wrapper scripts enable italic display in manual pages
(where italic is specified in the page) in terminals supporting italic mode.


This seems to have fallen through the cracks and been completely forgotten. Sorry about that.
Fine you noticed anyway:)

Looking at this, I see that this is not a cygport package. While this is something which has been done historically, and I know it may seen overkill for something this small, it's something I'm very reluctant to see in new packages.
As you say, overkill; I've fiddled around with cygport a few times already and I can't say I'm happy with it. While it seems to be powerful, especially basic use isn't documented in a basic way... Would you have a pattern for a script-only package for me, or even ready-to-use?

The license which applies to the original work here needs to be stated.
Checking the package contributor's guide, a license does not seem to be strictly necessary, so I thought for a simple thing it could go as public domain implicitly. But if you prefer, I'll attach a gnu to it.

It would be helpful if the description clarified that what this does is "show italic text in man pages properly as italic, rather than as underlined"
You mean the sdesc one-liner, not ldesc? I'd like to include the "enabling" aspect because the package does not do the actual display itself and does not need to be invoked as a tool, like: sdesc: "Enabling proper italic display of italic text in man pages, rather than underlined"

That said, this works and is pretty cool. Nice!
Thanks. Would that be a "GTG" after sorting out the issues, or are still 3 supporters needed as there used to be?


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