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residual setup.hint

Not sure if "calm" is excluding them, but I noticed for same
packages we have now an excess of "setup.hint" as all existing
revision have their own package-revison.hint

libopenssl100/                                     26-Jan-2017 20:44       -
openssl-debuginfo/                                 26-Jan-2017 20:44       -
openssl-devel/                                     26-Jan-2017 20:44       -
openssl-perl/                                      26-Jan-2017 20:44       -
md5.sum                                            26-Jan-2017 21:44     442
openssl-1.0.2j-1-src.tar.xz                        26-Sep-2016 14:12      5M
openssl-1.0.2j-1.hint                              26-Sep-2016 14:12     348
openssl-1.0.2j-1.tar.xz                            26-Sep-2016 14:12    572K
openssl-1.0.2k-1-src.tar.xz                        26-Jan-2017 20:25      5M
openssl-1.0.2k-1.hint                              26-Jan-2017 20:25     348
openssl-1.0.2k-1.tar.xz                            26-Jan-2017 20:25    570K
setup.hint                                         04-May-2016 16:37     348
sha512.sum                                         26-Jan-2017 21:44    1207

Is a cleaning needed ?


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