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Re: unison-2.48 build fails with latest ocaml and flexdll (attn: Achim)

On 2017-03-31 12:00, Andrew Schulman wrote:
On 2017-02-24 12:15, Andrew Schulman wrote:
Could you try this again with the OCaml 4.04.0 stack I just uploaded,
and see if this is still an issue?

Yes, with OCaml 4.04.0 the build of unison2.49 still fails with

  flexdll error: cannot relocate RELOC_REL32, target is too far:
0xfffffffc185d8b5f  0x185d8b5f


  rebase -b 0x06440000 /usr/lib/ocaml/stublibs/
  rebase -b 0x06510000 /usr/lib/ocaml/stublibs/

as before fixed the flexdll error.

Achim, I think /usr/lib/ocaml needs to be ignored by autorebase; flexlink'ed DLLs are loaded very differently, and rebasing seems to break them.

Then I got a different build error, but
I'll ask on the unison list about that.

Is 2.49 a stable version? It seems neither Fedora nor Debian have packaged it. I was able to build the latest 2.48 OOTB, and 2.40 and 2.45 with this patch:

The build of orpie also failed, but for a different reason. It needed
ocaml-camlp4, but when I installed that and tried again I got

  ocamlopt.opt -c -pp camlp4o -I ./curses -I ./gsl -I ./units -thread
  >> Fatal error: OCaml and preprocessor have incompatible versions

Oops, it seems there were some old curr:/prev: tags on ocaml-camlp4. I removed those, so please try again with 4.04+1-1.


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