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Re: [HHITP] mailutils 3.2

On 2017-03-24 14:54, Ken Brown wrote:
This is a half-hearted ITP for GNU mailutils
(  I'd like some
feedback before I proceed.

My only interest in mailutils is that it provides a utility
movemail.exe, which is used by emacs.[*]  But I looked into providing a
complete build of mailutils and various subpackages along the lines of
Debian[**], and it turned out to be straightforward.  My cygport file
and patches are attached.  I ran the testsuite, and there were 42
failures and 3 skips out of 978 tests.  The failures ought to be looked
at, but I don't this is too bad.

FWIW, even on Debian, the tests succeed until comsatd tests 2-7 all fail, at which point make check terminates. So if those are your first failures, it may just be the testsuite.

Not a full review, but noticed a few things:


What happens when a future version ships libmailutils6? As is, the modules will collide. Are the modules used by the libraries directly, or are they for the daemons?


A /usr/bin/mu-mh directory would violate the FHS (4.4.2: "There must be no subdirectories in /usr/bin."). Depending on how these are used, one of /usr/{lib,libexec}/mu-mh would make more sense.


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