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Re: Providing/Packaging a Postinstalled SUSV4 Doc only Package a la Debian

On 06/03/17 20:42, Brian Inglis wrote:
Debian provides a SUSV4 package which downloads the tar.bz2 and installs
the HTML tree from:
in the postinstall script, as they believe that complies with the terms
permitting individual download stated and linked at:

Is there any interest in such a package in Cygwin, and is this approach

Given that no-one else has replied:

Point (2) of the T&Cs linked above state that you are required to supply a name and e-mail address for each publication requested. You're not doing that (and neither should you without user consent), and so for me it has to be an automatic 'No' for not complying with the T&Cs. IANAL.

Otherwise, I am nervous about setting a precedent for a package that could give different contents each time it is installed (yes, Microsoft, I'm looking at you too). And there are plenty of corner cases where this wouldn't work: offline installs, web proxies, or if the account performing the Cygwin install (e.g. Administrator) was blocked from accessing the web (on security grounds).

My thoughts aren't all negative though - there's clearly benefit in what you're trying to achieve.


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