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Providing/Packaging a Postinstalled SUSV4 Doc only Package a la Debian

Debian provides a SUSV4 package which downloads the tar.bz2 and installs 
the HTML tree from: 

in the postinstall script, as they believe that complies with the terms 
permitting individual download stated and linked at:

Is there any interest in such a package in Cygwin, and is this approach 

I have found it useful as it gives me local access to the latest POSIX 
specs without needing to find the URL and go on the network.

If there is interest and the approach is acceptable, can cygport 
produce a package consisting of only a doc directory and a 
postinstall script?

I use cygport to download and build net packages of interest to me, 
and maintain a local repo of them, so the regular packaging process is 
familiar, including producing cygport, hint, and setup.ini files.

So if cygport won't work here, I can hand code whatever files are 
required to provide a package.

As an example, I have attached the script I used as a text file so it 
should appear inline and pass sourceware and any personal or corporate 
mail filters, unless they scrub all kinds of attachments.

If this is not acceptable for packaging for any reason, I can put the 
script up on github and mention it on the main list.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Attachment: etc-postinstall-susv4-sh.txt
Description: Text document

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