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Re: libargp inconsistent packaging

On 16/09/2016 11:15, Andrew Schulman wrote:
Andrew Schulman writes:
Hi Marco. I think I thought about this in the past, but because the total
size of this package is so small, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble to
split it in two. I think that both packages would have to include the doc
files, so there wouldn't be much gain.

You can't have the same files in two different packages, so if you
wanted to do that you'd need to psplit out a doc package as well and
have that as a required package for the other two.

That would REALLY be overkill. No, they wouldn't be the same files, since they'd
be in /usr/share/doc/libargp and /usr/share/doc/libargp-devel.

we need just 2 packages
that is more or less the default split



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