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Re: Building from source packages

On 13/05/2016 20:44, Andrew Schulman wrote:
* a few packages mistakenly use DEPENDS

A few packages mistakenly use DEPENDS rather than DEPEND, which is
silently ignored

I'm surprised none of them are mine.  It confuses me every time that I have to
use REQUIRES, but DEPEND instead of DEPENDS. I have to go look it up again once
or twice a month.

To minimize the cognitive load on maintainers' brains, I humbly propose that
cygport honor both REQUIRE and REQUIRES, and DEPEND and DEPENDS.

Or it that's too ugly, make them both of the same form, i.e. REQUIRE and DEPEND.
A one-time backwards-incompatible change that would make things easier in the

Yes, I get confused by it too, which is how I noticed this problem. But I'm not sure how to fix this.

I wonder if it's possible to check the set of variables which exist after evaluating the cygport file, and warn if there are unexpected ones.

(Any existing uses of temporary variables inside a cygport file would have to be unset before it exits to avoid warning about them, but that seems a fair price to pay...)

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