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Re: [ITP] Cgreen v1.0.0

On 18/05/2016 14:41, Thomas Nilsson wrote:

I'm interested in maintaining the cygwin port of Cgreen, a modern unit
testing and mocking framework for C and C++. I am one of the committers
on that project and have used Cygwin as one of my major development
platforms for many years and wanted to give something back.

Cgreen is on GitHub. We've just released v1.0.0 and have yet to port to
any major platforms although it has continuously been tested on various
Linuxen, Darwin and Cygwin, of course.

Cgreen is distributed under ICS license ("Open BSD").

setup.hint part of cgreen.cygport:
# setup.hint generation
CATEGORY="Devel Utils Libs"

SUMMARY="A modern C and C++ unit testing and mocking framework"

DESCRIPTION="A modern C and C++ unit testing and mocking
framework. Cgreen uses a fluent API for asserts and constraints
which makes writing concise unit tests a breeze. Output for failing
asserts are clear and descriptive. The optional runner will
automatically find all your tests without you having to remember to
add them to the test suite. All in all, awesome for TDD-ing."


PS. I've followed the section "Submitting a new package" from this guide
when sending this. I hope that it is up-to-date, otherwise comment or
ask. DS.

we are supposed to review the package (source and binary),
can you provide a link ?

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