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Re: Building from source packages

Am 13.05.2016 um 16:33 schrieb Jon Turney:
Out of the 3135 cygported packages for x86, only 175 set DEPEND.

I don't know how we can ensure DEPEND contains accurate information
without some sort of build service which tests that it does.

That's the trouble exactly. There is no way to find out if your build dependencies are complete short of starting with a base installation and then adding them one-by-one. So far I've typically only added dependencies when the build would otherwise succeed anyway (due to alternatives picked up in configury).

Also, there's probably room here for some policy on what is and isn't
required in DEPEND i.e. packages essential for building, which are
already dependencies of cygport, probably don't need to be listed.
Additionally, some cygclasses probably imply additional build
dependencies, i.e. 'inherit gnome' implies gnome-common is a build-dep,

That will occasionally fall flat on its face when the dependencies of those tools themselves change, but then it is hard to figure out what the actual dependencies are unless you try to build manually, see above.

Further, turning DEPEND into a list of cygwin packages to install can be
complex (e.g., if it contains some pkgconfig atoms, it requires
knowledge of the files contained in all packages to find the one which
contains a particular .pc file).

Isn't that what cygcheck does? What's missing is a record of all files read during the build from the installation.

A few packages mistakenly use DEPENDS rather than DEPEND, which is
silently ignored

pkg           maintainer
---           ----------
cloog-isl     Achim Gratz
isl           Achim Gratz
mpclib        Achim Gratz

Heh. I'm pretty sure I've inherited the packages that way... I'll try to remember that these need cleanup.


(on the road :-)

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