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Re: [ACTION REQUIRED] ARCH=noarch uploads with cygport 0.22.0

On 2016-05-11 12:56, Marco Atzeri wrote:
On 11/05/2016 08:17, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
On 2016-05-11 00:07, Marco Atzeri wrote:
So at this stage not the documentation subpackages, but only if all
subpackages are in this category. correct ?

At this time we are only considering those where all subpackages are
noarch, i.e. ARCH=noarch is (or will be) defined.

Not so sure if this case fit in your request;
all the language files for tesseract
that are in the same tree of tesseract-ocr but
they have independent minimalist setup.hint hand made.

I don't understand, they don't have any external-source: nor a -src
package, so how are they built?

just downloaded the specific language data from

That sounds like two separate source packages then, although you're welcome to combine them. FWIW Fedora's package builds these together with the program itself:

copied in a <temp>/usr/share/tessdata and packaged.

Making a source file was a waste of space as it will be a duplication
of the binary.

That's not a factor. All packages must have a source package, so that how the binary package(s) are built can be seen and reproduced.

In theory I could do a noarch tesseract-ocr-language.cygport
that skips build and for install just copies the data from
the git and than packages the whole.
I doubt that cygport accept an empty SRC_URI, but I have not yet tested it

There *is* a SRC_URI: the upstream repo! If you want to do this separately, then something along the lines of:

SUMMARY="training files for tesseract-ocr"
DESCRIPTION="Source training data for Tesseract for lots of languages"


for l in deu:German eng:English fra:French .....
  PKG_NAMES+=" tesseract-training-${l%:*}"
  declare tesseract_training_${l%:*}_SUMMARY="${l#*:} ${SUMMARY}"
  declare tesseract_training_${l%:*}_REQUIRES="tesseract-training-core"
declare tesseract_training_${l%:*}_CONTENTS="usr/share/tessdata/training/${l%:*}/"

src_compile() { :; }

src_install() {
        dodir /usr/share/tessdata/training
        cp -pr ${S}/* ${D}/usr/share/tessdata/training/


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