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Re: [ACTION REQUIRED] ARCH=noarch uploads with cygport 0.22.0

On 11/05/2016 08:17, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
On 2016-05-11 00:07, Marco Atzeri wrote:
So at this stage not the documentation subpackages, but only if all
subpackages are in this category. correct ?

At this time we are only considering those where all subpackages are
noarch, i.e. ARCH=noarch is (or will be) defined.

Not so sure if this case fit in your request;
all the language files for tesseract
that are in the same tree of tesseract-ocr but
they have independent minimalist setup.hint hand made.

I don't understand, they don't have any external-source: nor a -src
package, so how are they built?

just downloaded the specific language data from

copied in a <temp>/usr/share/tessdata
and packaged.

Making a source file was a waste of space as it will be a duplication
of the binary.

In theory I could do a noarch tesseract-ocr-language.cygport
that skips build and for install just copies the data from
the git and than packages the whole.
I doubt that cygport accept an empty SRC_URI, but I have not yet tested it


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