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Re: Dedup x86/x86_64 --> noarch

> Andrew Schulman writes:
> > I feel as though I've once again missed some important discussion about package
> > maintenance.  Your question implies that we can now upload packages with arch
> > "noarch".  Is that true?
> Meanwhile it has become true, although Jon and Yaakov are still in the
> early stages of adding support for that.  But my posting really was
> meant as a demonstration that there are substantial gains to be had from
> going to this layout and that therefore it'd be worthwile adding
> official support for it.
> > I remember a discussion of this question a year or two ago, where IIRC the
> > result was that we wouldn't have any "noarch" packages.  Did that change?  If
> > so, I seem to have missed the discussion here.  It should be worth a "HEADSUP".
> Yes, this needs to be announced soonish (Yaakov?) as otherwise some
> folks will be a bit surprised to see their mirror scripts not working
> anymore.
> > If this is what's happened, we need to update with
> > the new information (the page is overdue for an overhaul anyway). In particular
> > I wonder if cygport is ready to handle the change.
> AFAIK, not quite yet.

OK, thanks!

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