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Re: Dedup x86/x86_64 --> noarch

On 23/04/2016 16:43, Achim Gratz wrote:
Corinna Vinschen writes:
The src packages would ideally be in a src subdir, parallel to the
noarch and $arch dirs.

Hmm, I'm not sure I'd like that.

The src packages are not generally arch-less.  There are several
examples where either the cygport files, the patches or even the source
archives are arch-specific.

I think 'generally' is over-stating the case, the vast majority of source packages should be arch-less.

If the source package really is arch-specific, then it should be marked so with ARCH [1]

If it contains arch-specific patches, they should be made conditional on ARCH.


> Of these, the .cygwin patches are almost
certainly spurious since they get time-stamped on creation.  The other
differences most likely aren't, although it should be possible to
reconcile them in most cases.

But yes, this is not straightforward because the way we generate source packages at the moment means there is no guarantee that the same source package is used to build the different arch variants.

On another note, it still irks me that the debuginfo packages aren't
following the naming convention of the src packages; they should be
named ${PKG}-${PVR}-debuginfo.tar.xz and treated with their respective
box in setup.exe just like the sources.
We have the source code :)

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