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Re: Dedup x86/x86_64 --> noarch

On 23/04/2016 15:19, Achim Gratz wrote:
Jon Turney writes:
I think I have implemented the changes to calm to support
all-or-nothing noarch (i.e. where all packages produced from a source
package must be noarch), so if you can nominate a suitable,
unimportant perl package, we can test it with that, initially.

Not sure about "unimportant", but I'd suggest moving the developer
dependencies (perl-ExtUtils-*, perl-Test-*) first to see if there's any
problems.  The full list of Perl packages that dedup fully moved to
noarch (all source packages are also noarch):

I've deployed an updated calm, and moved perl-Test-Base to noarch.

From my brief testing, setup handles this layout with no problems. I also checked that noarch files in a download package directory shared between x86 and x86_64 setup works as expected.

Uploads to noarch should also now be accepted, although cygport needs teaching how to do that.

Thanks for the list.  I'll look at moving more stuff if no problems appear.

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