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Re: [HEADSUP] orphaned packages soon to be removed

On 2016-03-17 16:58, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
The following packages have been unmaintained for a long time.  If
anyone is interested in maintaining them, please ITA them soon,
otherwise they will be removed from the distro:

The following packages have been removed:

ccdoc                                        ORPHANED (Joe Linoff)
cgoban                                       ORPHANED (Teun Burgers)
cramfs                                       ORPHANED (Sam Robb)
distcc                                       ORPHANED (Harold L Hunt II)
gaffitter                                    ORPHANED (Kostya Altukhov)
ioperm                                       ORPHANED (Marcel Telka)
libtextcat                                   ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
maradns                                      ORPHANED (Steven Monai)
mathomatic                                   ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
mtd                                          ORPHANED (Sam Robb)
nfs-server                                   ORPHANED (Sam Robb)
pth                                          ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
scsh                                         ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
ucspi-tcp                                    ORPHANED (Steven Monai)
xsri                                         ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)

Thanks Jon for adopting nfrotz and Marco for adopting wtf.

I have left libassuan, libksba, and pinentry for now as Marco Atzeri has expressed interest in their adoption.


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